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Representative Giovanni Capriglione

Representative Jeff Cason

Representative David Cook

Representative Stephanie Klick

Sharen Wilson, District Attorney

Sheriff Bill Waybourn

Wendy Burgess, Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector

Tom Wilder, District Clerk

Mary Louise Nicholson, Tarrant County Clerk

Commissioner Gary Fickes

Constable Dale Clark

Constable Darrell Huffman

Constable Jody Johnson,

Dave Gebhart, former Bedford City Council

Mayor Richard Newton, Colleyville

Chuck Kelley, Colleyville City Council

Bobby Lindamood, Colleyville City Council

George Dodson, Colleyville City Council

Tammy Nakamura, Colleyville City Council

Harry Zimmer, Euless City Council

Mayor William D. Tate, City of Grapevine

Duff O’Dell, Grapevine City Council

Chris Coy, Grapevine City Council

Leon Leal, Grapevine City Council

Paul Slechta, Grapevine City Council

John Miller, Hurst City Council

Mayor Armin Mizani, Keller

Shannon Dubberly, Keller City Council

Ross McMullin, Keller City Council

Mayor Oscar Trevino, North Richland Hills

Tito Rodriguez, North Richland Hills City Council

​Mayor Scooter Gierisch, Roanoke

Hogan Page, Roanoke City Council

Mayor John Huffman, City of Southlake

Laura Hill, former Mayor of Southlake

Andrew Wambsganss, former Mayor of Southlake

Ronell Smith, Southlake City Council

Amy Torres-Lepp, Southlake City Council

Chad Patton, Southlake City Council

Dr. Randy Robbins, Southlake City Council

Randy Williamson, Southlake City Council

Shawn McCaskill, Southlake City Council

Kathy Talley, Southlake City Council

Mayor Laura Wheat, City of Westlake

Al Zito, former Southlake City Councilmember

Chris Archer, Former Southlake City Councilmember

Cam Bryan, Carroll ISD School Board

Hannah Smith, Carroll ISD School Board

Eric Lannen, Carroll ISD School Board

Dr. Charles Randklev, KISD School Board

Judge Mike Farhat (Retired)

Darl Easton, former Tarrant County GOP Chair

Anne Gebhart, SREC SD 9 Committeewoman

Vanessa Mason, House District 101 TCGOP Area Leader

Jesse Taylor, Precinct Chair 1297

Craig Ownby, Precinct Chair 2613

Laura Oakley, Precinct Chair 3035

David Halvorson, Precinct Chair 3038

Leigh Wambsganss, Precinct Chair 3039

Josie Contreras, Precinct Chair 3040

Greg Almond, Precinct Chair 3054

Francine DeLongchamp, Precinct Chair 3114

Marty Jacob, Precinct Chair 3166

Cynthia Ware, Precinct Chair 3176

Christine Hulsey, Precinct Chair 3192

Brian Crowson, Precinct Chair 3209

Janna Easton, Precinct Chair 3212

Joel Downs, Precinct Chair 3213

Tamma Gunn, Precinct Chair 3247

Stephen Manson, Precinct Chair 3282

Sheridan King, Precinct Chair 3283

Charles Orean, Precinct Chair 3322

Robin Alvarado, Precinct Chair 3323

Sandra K. Jones, Precinct Chair 3329

Regan Snyder, Precinct Chair 3330

Mona Bailey, Precinct Chair 3333

Richard McCook, Precinct Chair 3334

James Ashby, Precinct Chair 3335

Thomas J. Summers, Precinct Chair 3336

Frances Scharli, Precinct Chair 3359

Bill Baugh, Precinct Chair 3361

Greg Girard, Precinct Chair 3372

Ernest Taylor, Precinct Chair 3386

Elouise Kennedy, Precinct Chair 3387

Mike Brown, Precinct Chair 3389

John Brieger, Precinct Chair 3390

David John Eagan, Precinct Chair 3391

Charles Mogged, Precinct Chair 3421

Shelley Rayburn, Precinct Chair 3465

Kenya Alu, Precinct Chair 3486

Deborah Johnon, Precinct Chair 3502

Christie Reed, Precinct Chair 3510

John Holcomb, Precinct Chair 3517

Tom Moore, Precinct Chair 3526

Mary Childs, Precinct Chair 3527

Fred Stovall, Precinct Chair 3529

Nancy Harrison, Precinct Chair 3530

Al Zito, Precinct Chair 3538

Alan Drennan, Precinct Chair 3542

Donna Baker, Precinct Chair 3545

Tag Green, Precinct Chair 3554

Glenn Story, Precinct Chair 3558

Carrie Dugan, Precinct Chair 3637

Douglas Smith, Precinct Chair 3646

Ruth Ray, Precinct Chair 3696

Jim Ward, Precinct Chair 3709

John Boelens, Precinct Chair 3716

Elizabeth Huffman, Precinct Chair 3728

Cindy Ann Stouff, Precinct Chair 4044

Eric Morris, Precinct Chair 4141

Cathryn Johnston, Precinct Chair 4191


Thomas Attebery

Bill Bailey

Marvin Balvin

Brandon Barnett​

Aaron Brieger

Jeff Broyles

Alan Bruce

Robert Bruce

Amanda Bryan

Nomi Burns

Robert Burns

Tom Calhoun

Michael Cantrell

Les Carey

Robin Carriger

Kristin Edwards

Theresa Faught

Carol Foster

Gregory Fowler

Jon Michael Franks

Sue Franks

Brian Garner

Marci Gibbs

Jim Griffin

Ken Habedank

Bob Harmon

Larry Harvey

Susan Heath

Peter Hibbs

Charles Ho

Jessica Jackson

Daniel Jarka

Peter Johnson

Richard Earl Jones

Russell Kidd

Don Klick

Lorrie Terlingo-Knipper

Karen Koehn

Ron Koehn

Leon Leal

Patti Lewis

James Lucas

Dennis Luers

Bruce Mansfield

Jay Marsh

Wayne McGrath

Karl Meek

Aaron Miller

Eileen Miller

Mike Mojica

John Mol

Wendel Msall

Ira Nicodemus

Larry Oliver

Dr. Carey Page

Jolyn Potenza

Vince Puente

Kelley Roberson

Elizabeth Robillard

Kristin Schultz

Kevin L Sellers, Colonel, USAF (ret)

Linda Shiflet

Randall Shiflet

Douglas Smith

Jeff Smith

Stephen Smith

Esther Spickler

William Stone

Glenn Story

John Sweet

Vera Sweet

Bill Taylor

Ty Tipton

Bill Walsh

Steve Weinberg

David Whitington

Rose Whitington

Greg Will

Amy Williamson


"Judge Brandt is a God fearing leader who has served us with character and dignity. I support him and will stand by him as our Justice of the Peace."

-Cam Bryan, Carroll ISD School Board

"We need judges of high character and integrity and Judge Brandt checks both boxes!"

-Dr. Randy Robbins, Southlake City Council

"Not just as a City Councilman, but as a Keller resident, I care about who leads and serves our community. Bill is a man of integrity, intelligence and compassion. I endorse him 100%!"

-Shannon Dubberly, Keller City Council

"Bill has brought his many years of leadership skills, military training and experience to the role of judge.  He has been a fair and impartial jurist and he has my full support."

-Duff O'Dell, Grapevine City Council

"I am extremely happy and honored to endorse my friend "Judge Bill Brandt" for Justice of the Peace."

-Leon Leal, Grapevine City Council

"It's been a pleasure to see Judge Brandt in action as a servant leader in our community. His character, his doer spirit, and his willingness to always place doing what's right ahead of what feels good is a breath of fresh air in today's political climate. I could not be more proud to support Judge Brandt. He embodies the qualities I hold dear."

-Ronell Smith, Southlake City Council

I endorse Judge Brandt in his re-election campaign. Judge Brandt has become a friend and he is a man of great character. Judge Brandt is an honorable gentleman who served our country well and is now serving in local government. As in the military, local government officials affirm the oath to protect and defend the Constitution and Laws of the United States and of the State of Texas. Judge Brandt exemplifies his role as Justice of the Peace as an honorable and fair judge in his duties.

-Mayor Scooter Gierisch, Roanoke

"Bill has done a great job prior to the Pandemic & he mastered continuing be available and active through said pandemic!"

-Mayor Oscar Trevino, North Richland Hills

"Bill has a considered point of view about most issues we face today.  His decisions are based, not on politics, but upon the law and his studied understanding of our communities."

-Harry Zimmer, Euless City Council

"Judge Brandt is a steward of his community and of the Justice Court for North East Tarrant County."

-John Holcomb, Precinct Chair

“From the bench, Judge Brandt has shown himself to be patient and just. He serves our community with dignity and honor while supporting the law.”

-Tamma Gunn, Precinct Chair

"I Strongly Endorse Bill for the excellent work he does as a JP!"

-Craig Ownby, Precinct Chair

"Judge Brandt is a hardworking man devoted to the people he serves in Precinct 3.  He deserves to be re-elected."

-Robin Alvarado, Precinct Chair

"I fully endorse Bill Brandt for Justice of the Peace. He not only believes the way I do, but he follows through on his promises to follow with what I wholeheartedly believe is right, legal and morally correct."

-Sandra Jones, Precinct Chair

"I wholeheartedly support Bill Brandt for JP3! Efficient, fair and honest!"

-Eileen Miller

"Best wingman I’ve ever had! Bill is a dedicated and knowledgeable lawyer that will do the right thing…always!"

-Tom Calhoun

"We are so appreciative of the tremendous  success Bill has had as a judge, and we look enthusiastically forward to his re-election."

-David and Rose Whitington

"Please continue to utilize the leadership skills that has driven your Court to such a success."

-Peter Hibbs

"Bill is a man of integrity and has an excellent record as our Justice of the Peace."

-Vince Puente

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